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Suda 51’s Next Game: Lollipop Chainsaw

I'm already excited to play Suda 51's next game and it may never even release outside of Japan, but boy do I want it to.

In the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture, creators of No More Heroes and the recent Shadows of the Damned, have revealed their next game and it stars a cheerleader with a super powered chainsaw carving up zombies in between shooting laser hearts while she wears a severed (and somehow still alive) head on her belt. The game is titled Lollipop Chainsaw and stars Juliet, this kick-ass looking girl who happens to be from a long line of zombie hunters: 

Tell me she doesn't look fun to play as, I dare you. Even her (slave head?) companion's expression makes me laugh.

Details are almost non-existent at this point but it’s a third-person action game as one would assume and looks to be a cross between Dead Rising and No More Heroes. There are screenshots floating around the net already if people are interested but trust me you'll not come any closer to understanding what is going on with this game, and that is positively brilliant. It screams Suda 51 so much it's ridiculous. Shadows of the Damned was my first real exposure to this team’s games and I think I'm already a fan. They're positively nuts and if there’s one thing my video games need more of, it's madness, weirdness and just plain dumb fun.

All of Grasshopper's games have released outside Japan so far so it’s safe to assume this one will too, and if not then heck yes am I importing a copy. There are no platforms confirmed yet but given the HD visuals, it's safe to assume it will at least be on PlayStation 3 along with the upcoming re-release of the HD version of No More Heroes subtitled Red Zone, which I'm still waiting patiently to see if it will be releasing outside of Japan.


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