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Suicide Squad #2 – Review

This issue of Suicide Squad shows just how inadequate and unnecessary the first issue was by being even more action-packed, having the storyline pick up its pace and showing just how much fun the characters are to watch. This is one of the best second issues I have read so far and shows how much potential this team of fierce villains previously on death row has, with only a few minor drawbacks. Super-villains Deadshot, King Shark, Voltaic, El Diablo, Harley Quinn and Black Spider were recruited onto the Suicide Squad. All have bombs implanted in them, forcing them to listen to whatever their leader, Amanda Waller says, and she says they have to find a woman in a stadium full of zombies. The team risks life and limb to get to the woman before their time runs out. DC Comics New 52: Suicide Squad #2 written by Adam GlassAll these characters, written by Adam Glass, are entertaining, especially when they are interacting with each other. Deadshot is the main focus in this issue as he takes charge of the team and he's interesting to watch. His leadership is great, he can be deadly and anytime he interacts with Harley you know it is going to be a laugh. Harley Quinn is funny as always, but sometimes her jokes fall flat by being way too corny. Ironically, it is always much more fun whenever her teammates are talking about her, with Deadshot calling her things like "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" which, while corny, still manages to get a chuckle. Voltaic is the least interesting of the group which the writers seemed to pick up on by the end. His powers are your basic electric based ones, and if I wanted to see electric-based powers I would read Static. He is still the least interesting, despite the fact that King Shark, again, rarely does anything in the comic but still manages to be one of the creepiest characters I have ever seen. El Diablo is another interesting character who is a rookie still trying to control his powers. His struggle between being good and evil is interesting but really makes you wonder why he was picked for the Suicide Squad, along with Black Spider who is very similar to Batman. They are interesting but really do not feel like they belong on the team. Which brings up what could be the greatest element or the biggest flaw of the team: Everyone is expendable. By establishing this factor by the end of the series I find myself afraid to get attached to anyone if they are just going to be killed off. It can also alienate people who already like these characters if they are killed off. But it also undeniably adds an element of suspense to the series and could evoke a lot of emotion out of readers if it is used right. But if they kill Harley Quinn or Deadshot... The story manages to intrigue as much as the characters do. Zombies may be overused in today's mediums, but they can still be a lot of fun to watch, especially during the final climactic scene between the Suicide Squad and a particularly nasty one. The ending was also a highly climactic moment that really makes readers twitch in anticipation for the next issue. The only problem with the story is, from the very first page you know everything important that was seen in the first issue. It becomes completely unnecessary to read the first issue and makes this an optimal starting point for new readers. The pacing in this issue is also much better than its predecessor, though it could have wrapped up the team's mission without going into another part, but then where would the anticipation be? The artwork by Federico Dallocchio & Andrei Bressan is by far the weakest element of this issue. The backgrounds are always neglected and the characters we are forced to look at are never beautifully or even gruesomely drawn – especially disappointing with all the lackluster zombie art that could have made for some creepy stuff.  The colors do nothing for the tone and could be darker to create a creepier and more deadly atmosphere.  The only positives are the character designs for the Squad. Each character is very unique, but Harley's new costume is something you either like or hate. I like it and her new red and purple hair, but other old fans of the character could be upset with her slightly over sexualized change. Suicide Squad is the evil team you should be reading and is the perfect polar opposite series to Justice League International. This issue is perfect for the Halloween season despite the fact that it could be a hundred times creepier with some improved artwork. The characters are interesting, flawed people who have entertained in this issue, and can hopefully keep in the next issue of Suicide Squad


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