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Sundance Channel’s The Red Road Trailer

TheRedRoad The Sundance Channel has released a trailer for its second original scripted program, The Red Road, which will premiere on February 27. The series follows “local sheriff (Martin Henderson) as he struggles to keep his family together while simultaneously policing two clashing communities: the small town where he grew up just outside of New York City, and the neighboring mountains—home of a federally unrecognized Native American tribe. After a tragedy and cover-up, an uneasy alliance is forged between the officer and a dangerous member of the tribe, and the lives of both unravel, leading to terrible consequences” per Deadline. With the Sundance Channel’s impressive track record in 2013, there is a lot riding on the new series. Will it live up to the critical standard the network has established for itself? With an impressive year that featured remarkable new series full of engaging drama that rivaled many a cable network, Sundance Channel is primed to assert itself in the television landscape, hopefully, The Red Road will allow it to continue its notable ascent. The trailer does provide an intense look into the six-episode series that contrasts from the more reflective and thoughtful style of the network’s previous series (primarily, Rectify, the network’s other scripted original). The show seems to take a more conventional, fast-paced and action-packed approach to storytelling (judging from the trailer), that could worry some about its fit on the network, but what is shown is compelling and well executed enough to pull viewers in. Will you be watching The Red Road?


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