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Super 8 is Number 1

Super 8 stood on relatively sturdy legs this weekend. Although meager for a summer opening, the E.T. and Cloverfield hybrid managed to knock $38 million off of its $50 million dollar budget in its first three days. Bolstered by fairly positive reviews and a nontraditional marketing campaign, J.J. Abrams' latest earned $0.5 million in midnight shows and another $1 million in sneak previews. The other option, Judy Moody and the NOT bummer Summer, made $6.2 million, good enough for seventh place.

X-Men: First Class fell just short of $100 million in its second week, adding $25 million to its total. The movie had the second strongest hold of the weekend with a 55 percent drop. Bridesmaids again held the title. The little comedy now has $123 million to its name. The Hangover Part II, Fast Five and “Pirates of the Caribbean” both gained ground past the $200 million milestone while Kung Fu Panda 2 just trudges its fat adorable panda butt along at $126 million.  Midnight in Paris did well in continued expansion, earning another $6.1 million to the $14.2 million haul.

The Top Ten

1.  Super 8 - $37.0M (weekend)…$37.0M (gross)
2.  X-Men: First Class - $25.0M…$98.8M
3.  The Hangover Part II - $18.5M…$216.5M
4.  Kung Fu Panda 2 - $16.6M…$126.9M
5.  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - $10.8M…$208.7M
6.  Bridesmaids - $10.1M…$123.9M
7.  Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer - $6.2M …$6.2M
8.  Midnight in Paris - $6.1M…$14.2M
9.  Thor - $2.3M…$173.6M
10. Fast Five - $1.7M …$205.0M

Green Lantern has finally arrived. The bright green crusader, played by Ryan Reynolds, has been a mixed bag of intrigue. The earliest marketing was laughed to scorn as was the bland one sheet. Later the studio cleaned up the material, and although still off kilter in tone, the movie was better received. Lately the fervor has strengthened, however no amount of positive reviews could help Thor and X-Men: First Class so that buzz means nothing to a person deciding whether or not they want to spend $25 at the theater. I good haul would be in the $60 million range but it is more likely to fall below that given the disappointing revenue trend this Summer. The 3D price will

Mr. Popper’s Penguins, another desperate attempt of Jim Carrey to remain relevant as a comedian, hits 3200 theaters as counter-programming. Given how obscure Green Lantern is this family oriented flick has a chance. Besides that, it is Jim Carrey after all. His last major release in 2009, A Christmas Carol earned $137 million. He is not the box office draw he used to be, but he still has clout with a large audience. Lately, family fare is his best bet, while more dramatic films struggle. I Love You, Philip Morris and The Number 23 earned paltry returns. Which movie gets top seed is anyone’s guess. Place your bets in the comments section.



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