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Super Dinosaur Review

What do you get when you combine a super intelligent boy with a butt kicking Dinosaur that together fight crime? It’s called Super Dinosaur, Image comic’s newest comic about a boy who is super intelligent and his crime fighting Dinosaur who uses a giant mech suit to fight against other villainous Dinosaurs.

The Story is written by everyone’s favorite zombie writer Robert Kirkman with art by Jason Howard. It's about a young boy named Derek Dynamo, he is the son of the famous Dr. Dynamo, creator of the mech suit that Super Dinosaur uses.  What makes this story even weirder is that Super Dinosaur is a talking dinosaur and he was discovered in a secret land underneath the earth where dinosaurs like Super Dinosaur live.  Together they are out on a mission trying to stop Dr Max Maximus, Derek and Super Dinosaurs arch enemy who is trying to steal all of the Dynore!

Super Dinosaur 1 CoverThe first issue of Super Dinosaur is not great.  The book reads like a bad Saturday morning cartoon.  There is a lot of explanation of the characters and it also gives a lot of information on what is the book is about. What I did not like about this book was the dialogue. Every time I would read a line of dialogue from Derek I would just cringe and get annoyed because this kid had the answer to every problem and then he would always show off, of how “awesome” this dude thinks he is.  It got to a point that the way he talked was condescending. This kid would even talk down to his own dad who is supposed to be this super awesome doctor.   Then there is Super dinosaur. I don’t know which character was worse this guy or Derek.  I know that this is a comic book but there something about a talking dinosaur that really took me out of the book and his dialogue wasn’t any better he sounded like a teenager trapped inside a dinosaur body.

The art was ok.  It tries to capture the feel of a comic book that might be targeted for a younger audience but it didn’t manage to pull me in.  The books actually look like a spinoff of Invincible comic. The art is still the strongest element of this book though and that's saying a lot.

Super Dinosaur is a comic directed towards kids, but it's approach is all wrong.  It tries to lower itself to kids but it ends up sounding dumb and annoying.  The characters are boring and bad stereotypes and there is so much information to take in that the book is not enjoyable at all.

Overall Score - 3.0/10

If you're still interested in this title check out the preview here. 



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