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Super Mario 3D World’s October Trailer Details More Gameplay

A new trailer for the Wii U's biggest game for the holidays, Super Mario 3D World, released recently, and it keeps looking better and better.

If you ignore the boring narrator, the trailer shows off many elements that separates 3D World from other Mario platformers, or actually how the game blends ingredients from older 2D Mario games into the 3D space. Most of the game's powerups were shown off like the returning Tanooki Suit, Boomerang Bros. Suit, the Coin Box, the Propeller Box, the Mega Mushroom, and of course the good old Fire Flower. Some powerups are all new like the oft-mentioned Cat Suit, the Double Cherry, the Cannon Box, Light Box and Goomba Mask.

Aside from the vast amount of upgrades, the new trailer also shows off ghost data much like Mario Kart, but now from other players via the Nintendo Network. The game also supports Miiverse and if you unlock stamps in each of the level, those stamps can be used within your canvas in Miiverse posts.

Super Mario 3D World launches on November 22nd only for the Wii U.


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