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Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition Coming to Wii

It has been 25 years since Mario was first unleashed on the world, and Nintendo wants you to join in on the celebration.  Following announcements for Japan and Europe, Nintendo of America has revealed that they too will be releasing Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition for the Wii.  In addition to the four classic Mario games found in the SNES version of All-Stars, the Wii game will include a CD with musical tracks spanning the length of Mario’s storied past, from his old classics to his modern outings. This Anniversary collection will also include a 32-page booklet containing original art, design drawings, and interviews from the creators behind the mustachioed plumber.
Japanese Super Mario All-Stars LE
For readers unfamiliar with the original Super Mario All-Stars, it was a Super Nintendo compilation of all NES Super Mario games: Super Mario Bros 1-3 and the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2  known in the States as The Lost Levels. In addition to improved 16-bit graphics and sound, the games had their physics updated, glitches removed, and a save feature implemented; allowing players to save their status at any point in the game.

Nintendo insists that the game will truly be limited to “while supplies last,” much like last year’s Metroid Prime: Trilogy on the Wii, and will be available for $30 on December 12th.


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