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Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition Priced and Dated

Nintendo of America announced the North American release date for Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition this past Thursday. Mario fanatics can expect to grab this very limited print of the upcoming Super Mario All-Stars re-release in honor of Mario’s 25th anniversary on December 12th, while supplies last, and at $29.99, supplies probably will not last for long. Also, considering the recent drop in Nintendo’s Wii sales, it would appear that Mario’s 25th anniversary celebration has come at a key time for Nintendo. With any luck, this game will do what Nintendo wants it to do: generate buzz.

Fortunately for Nintendo, simply announcing the game has generated a lot of buzz already. However, what has gotten gamers worked up about this package isn’t even the game itself. The game is no more than the Super Nintendo release of Super Mario All-Stars on a Wii disc, meaning that Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 are all included with updated, 16-bit graphics just as they were back in 1993. What has really sold this package to gamers is the soundtrack and the booklet that will be included with this limited run of the game. The soundtrack contains several cuts from Mario’s entire platforming catalogue, even Super Mario Galaxy 2. Meanwhile, the booklet features behind-the-scenes looks at the history of the Mario series via interviews, art, and photographs. Whoever gets this game as a stocking stuffer is sure to be a happy camper come Christmas morning.


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