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Super Mario Maker Update Coming Next Week

"Adds a few things we really needed"
Nintendo uploaded a video on their YouTube page detailing a new update hitting Super Mario Maker next week.
The first thing added to the creation suite was our #1 complaint about it, no checkpoints. Now by shaking the pointer arrows, you can add a checkpoint flag. Now players can resume mid-stage if they lose a life.
The next part was another niggling issue we had, and that was the power-up rotation. Now by combining a Super Mushroom and Fire Flower, the item that’ll show up will be based on Mario’s appearance. If he’s small Mario, then a Super Mushroom spawns, and if he is Super Mario (big Mario), a Fire Flower pops up. These two additions make the game more in-aligned with what players experience in a traditional Mario title.
The third update allows players to access the gnat minigame instantly. Shaking a Muncher will bring up the queen which allows you to play the game on the spot. Be warned because it’s harder than the Easter Egg version.
Next we have the addition to official Nintendo stages in the “Makers” section. These will contain stages made by folks at Nintendo.
Last is the new Event Courses section. These will be special stages for certain events.
Expect the update for Super Mario Maker on November 4th.


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