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Super Meat Boy Launches with a Price Cut

By now you have probably read the Player Affinity review of Super Meat Boy. But what's that? Still not convinced enough to buy Super Meat Boy this Wednesday? Well how about this... Team Meat has announced that when Super Meat Boy hits the Xbox Live Marketplace this week it will premiere at a discounted price of only $10.

Gamers familiar with downloadable game pricing will notice the sharp decrease from the normal release price point. This was done as a thanks from the developers to the fans for all the years of support.

An event like this has never been seen before on Xbox Live. Games are often discounted after their releases but never right out of the gate. There is no exact end date for this promotion yet so this is something bargain hunters will want to jump on.

Super Meat Boy will launch this Wednesday the 20th and at the low, low price of 10 bucks, it's a deal you can hardly pass up.



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