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Super Smash Bros 4 Trailer Will Air During Next Week’s Nintendo Direct

Masahiro Sakurai, Kirby creator and director of the Super Smash Bros series, tweeted to the world that the debut trailer for the next installment of his Nintendo fighter for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS would air during Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct.

With the help of Google Translate (with some cleaning up myself), the Japanese Tweet reads:

“Should note. On the Nintendo Direct of 11PM, June 11, a new video of "Smash Bros." will be unveiled for the first time. Simultaneous worldwide for the first time! Do not miss.”

While this isn't much of a surprise since Nintendo themselves has hinted of Smash Bros. talk at E3, it is nice to know that one of the most anticipated games out there will finally get shown off.

Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct airs Tuesday June 11th at 10AM EST/7AM PST. Sakurai’s tweet refers to Japan’s Direct, which will air simultaneously with the North American and European Directs.


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