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Supergirl Casts Tawny Cypress as an Anti-Alien Senator

"Another non-alien foil for Kara."
After two episodes, Supergirl has provided us with a pretty narrow slice of the kind of threats Kara will be facing over the course of the season. But the casting of Tawny Cypress as Senator Miranda Crane shows that trouble won’t always be coming at her fists first. [caption id="attachment_76671" align="aligncenter" width="611"]Cherie Rollins-Murray - Unforgettable Tawny Cypress as Unforgettable's Cherie Rollins-Murray. (Image via la.axn.com.)[/caption] The news, which comes by way of TV Line, describes Miranda Crane as a senator using her anti-alien platform to gain votes. In her first appearance, "Senator Crane [will] [find] herself on the other side of the issue when her visit to National City is interrupted by an alien attack, forcing her to possibly accept help from an extraterrestrial." The casting of a non-alien foil for Kara seems particularly timely, as “Stronger Together” introduced a decidedly anti-hero Maxwell Lord. From the breakdown, it looks like Miranda Crane won’t provide any form of long term opposition to Supergirl, but the amount of unexplored territory (from Superman’s mythology and alien and superhero stories in general) means there may yet be hope for the series to find its footing. Tawny Cypress can currently be seen on the TV series Unforgettable. She previously appeared on House of Cards and Heroes. Supergirl airs Mondays on CBS. Featured image via BET.com.


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