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Supergirl to Face Returning Villains in 2017

Supergirl will be pit up against some familiar faces in the new year. According to TVLine, Livewire (Brit Morgan) and Metello (Frederick Schmidt) will be two of the villains returning to the series in 2017. Ali Alder, an executive producer on the show, has hinted that other villains will reappear in the coming episodes, but no other official reveals have been made. supergirl-livewire Livewire, aka Leslie Willis, first appeared on the scene in season one, episode five of Supergirl. The plot focused on Kara and Alex dealing with an emotional Thanksgiving. Livewire has electricity and magnetism powers with her main weakness being water. The last time fans saw Livewire on Supergirl, she was imprisoned by the National City’s new prison for metahuman criminals. The specific details of her return haven’t been revealed yet. Metallo is also a well-know DC Comics villain. He first appeared in the beginning of season two. He was ordered to assassinate Lena Luther, but was later turned into a cyborg by Project Cadmus. Are you excited for these adversaries to return to Supergirl? Are there any villains you want to return? Sound off in the comments below and check back here for news on your favorite superhero shows.


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