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Superior Spider-man #3 Review “Does Carlie Know who Superior Spider-man is?”

Superior Spider-man is probably one of the most controversial Marvel Now titles. I have been really enjoying the title, and want to see how Dr. Octopus will change as a character as he lives in Peter Parker’s shoes.

The cover for this issue is pretty simple. I love the art. The colors work very nicely. Also love the Spider-Signal in the background. Since the Spider-Signal is a minor detail that drives the story.

In this issue, J. Jonah Jameson contacts Superior Spider-man by using the Spider-Signal. Superior Spider-man thinks this is a stupid idea because his enemies will be able to find him. He tries to find the Vulture to make a deal with him. Carlie is suspicious of Superior Spider-man because in issue 700 of The Amazing Spider-man Peter told Carlie that Dr. Octopus and Peter had switched bodies. Now Carlie is curious if Dr. Octopus was telling the truth.

This was an interesting story. I am glad that Carlie is suspicious of Superior Spider-man’s actions. She questions why Spider-man is acting different. She is the only person that has a chance of knowing the truth. If she does accept that Superior Spider-man is Dr. Octopus what will happen next. Will she confront him? Will he kill her? Will she tell Mary Jane or another supporting character? The questions that we ask ourselves are what make this story interesting.

It is ironic that J. Jonah Jameson shows his support throughout this series when Spider-man is actually Dr. Octopus. He even builds a Spider-Signal for Spider-man. Superior Spider-man says that it is a stupid idea and J. Jonah Jameson agrees with him. That would have never happened in Amazing Spider-man when Peter was Spidey. So, it is funny to see the old Parker luck come into play.

My favorite part about this series is seeing how much Dr. Octopus puts his intellect to his advantage. Peter was always smart, but was scared to do the things that Dr. Octopus is doing now as Spider-man. It is always fun to see how Dr. Octopus makes his life easier as Spider-man.

There is less commentary from Peter in this issue, which shows that Dr. Octopus can hold his own in this series. We get the perfect amount of commentary from Peter. It is nice to have some humor in this book and insight from Peter. It is a perfect balance with Dr. Octopus’s egotistical personality, but I also want to see what Dr. Octopus will do with out Peter.  

You will see Dr. Octopus plays the villain and the hero in this issue. At first he thinks Vulture is a good person, and he will be able to make a deal with him to stop his villainy. As the story goes on he sees the Vulture will never change. This allows Dr. Octopus to put matters in his own hands. The Vulture symbolizes Dr. Octopus’s old life, and shows that things have changed for Dr. Octopus and his ideals on the subject of good vs. evil.

Ryan Stegman has some great artwork in this book. I like the style he uses with these characters. My only complaint with his artwork is how Ghost Peter looks. It could be a little sketchy at time and doesn’t really match the coloring. I hope he stays on the books for a while because Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman make the perfect creative team.

This was a solid Superior Spider-man issue. If you want to see Superior Spider-man go up against one of his old friends than I think you will really enjoy the main plot. Pick this up!



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