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Superior Spider-man #9 Review SPOILERS “Peter Parker’s Fate is revealed”

Everyone had mixed emotions about Superior Spider-Man ever since The Amazing Spider-man #698. This issue brings another controversial story that some Spider-Man fans may end up hating. Some other Spider-Man fans will think it is a bold move.

In this issue, Dr. Octopus has his final battle with Peter Parker. He goes into Peter’s head to destroy Peter’s memories, which will inevitably also kill Peter forever. That means no more Phantom Peter. The Superior Spider-man will be FREE!

I have been optimistic about Superior Spider-Man ever since the hate started a couple of months ago when people found out Dr. Octopus was going to be Superior Spider-man. We had a glimmer of hope that Peter Parker would come back because we saw Phantom Peter in every issue. This issue destroys that hope.

It is the final battle between Dr. Octopus and Peter Parker. This is the last appearance of Peter Parker for the time being. With his last appearance Peter had an insulting send off.

The Phantom Peter story gave us hope, but now that story seemed pointless. I didn’t even like Phantom’s Peter’s commenntary in past issues, but I tolerated it because Peter wasn’t dead. Dan Slott should have thrown out the Phantom Peter storyline completely. He shouldn’t have kicked Amazing Spider-Man fans when they were down, and with this issue he kicked Peter Parker fans to the ground and threw mud in their faces.

Dr. Octopus shows that Peter is just like him. Peter is selfish. Peter’s last scene is realizing that he is not worthy to be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He even forgets his last name, calling himself Peter Palmer. I felt that was even more of insult to fans.

Does this mean what we read didn’t matter? This physically erased 50 years of Spider-Man stories. Showed characters we loved, and made them disappear.


I am not going to drop Superior Spider-Man, but I am very disappointed with this issue. It made the reader feel useless. It made me feel like I wasted my time with Superior Spider-Man. Does it even matter that Carlie is suspicious of Dr. Octopus if Peter doesn’t exist anymore?

I don’t mind Dr. Octopus being Superior Spider-Man, however they could have done a lot with his character. But all he is doing is getting fans mad and ruining Peter’s reputation. I am only staying with this series because I care too much about the Spider-Man world as a whole to drop it. That is also the reason why this issue was heart wrenching.

The only positive thing I can say about this issue is that there were definitely shifts of emotions as you read page by page. You feel that Peter is going to win, but you are too anxious to turn the page to find out. The pacing was very well done.

Stegman did a great job with the art. He is probably my favorite artist for Spider-Man in recent years. He still has the abstract style that we have seen with Spider-Man, but his style is cleaner than other artists that have been on the title.

Don’t pick up this issue! I think Peter fans are going to be insulted by this story. I know I was. 



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