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Superman Ditches the Underwear for ‘Man of Steel’

Upon first being cast as Clark Kent in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Henry Cavill had to face some tough scrutiny, and though he was able to survive that, expect quite a few passionate Superman fans to get a bit ticked about a tiny costume alteration that has just been revealed.

Yahoo! has two unofficial set photos from “Steel,” featuring Cavill as he walks around set in costume, but that costume seems to be missing the red undies known to be a part of Superman’s heroic wardrobe. While some are likely to pass judgment, it fits in with the sleek look displayed in the official “Steel” photo that emerged earlier this month. No one noticed the red absence as some shadows aided in hiding the lower portion of the costume in that photo.

The image below also reveals that Michael Shannon seems to be wearing a motion-capture suit to play General Zod, one akin to what Ryan Reynolds wore in Green Lantern. Next to him is Antje Traue, who plays Zod's right hand (conveniently she's to his right) as Faora.

Check out the image below, and tell us if you Supes' costume alteration is more along the lines of "finally!" or "how dare they?"


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