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Superman/Batman Apocalypse Blu-ray Review

The movie opens its first scenes with a radio calling talking about the Kryptonite meteors finally finishing their descent to Earth. When a giant spacecraft lands in Gotham Bay, the Dark Knight (Batman), investigates the scene. Already the movie opens up with great music and artwork. Bruce Timm's team did an amazing job at coming (really) close to Michael Turner's artwork, Jeph Loeb once again joins DC animated universe in writing-up the story, and the voice cast was a good pick. This film is rated PG-13 for violence and sensuality. The violence is at the same level of Batman Under The Red Hood (the previous DC film), however, it does seem to go over the top on blood. Clark and Kara's trip to Metropolis was funny and clever, seeing that he has to deal with a teenaged kryptonian girl on a reporter's salary who is also developing her powers. This is mostly about Supergirl and not much about Batman and Superman's partnership. While watching this film, most viewers will be disappointed because of the many changes that have been made to make this a seventy minute movie. The voice cast of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse was well thought over. Once again Kevin Conroy (Batman), Tim Daly (Superman), Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman) and Edward Asner (Granny Goodness) come back to work with one another on this film . Andre Braugher (Darkseid), Summer Glau (Supergirl) and Julianne Grossman (Big Barda) also join these actors in this movie. All actors did a awesome job at voice acting these characters, incorporating a recognizable, funny and action voices. Batman and Superman's banter back and forth was probably the funniest in the movie. From watching all eight previous DC films, Bruce Timm and his team are really learning from past mistakes and are improving the movies to please the more hardcore viewers. DC Showcase Presents: Green Arrow! The third installment of Showcases! From Spectre and Jonah Hex now comes the Emerald archer of justice! This showcase brings viewers to know what Green Arrow has to struggle with to be the top archer in the world. Steve Blum (who is better known as Wolverine in the TV series) is Count Vertigo and Grey Delisle (Black Canary from Batman Brave And The Bold) joined Neal McDonough (Green Arrow) in this showcase. Grabbing hold of the main character traits is what DC Animated Movies does best. To add to this film DC Animated has added special features like, The New gods Featurette, New gods: Orion and Mr. Miracle Pod and Supergirl: The Last Daughter of Krypton. Other features are a First look at All Star Superman the next DC Animated movie, and Bruce Timm's handpicked Superman episodes containing: Little Girl lost part 1-2 and Apocalypse Now! part 1-2. When watching this film viewers will be disappointed and surprised at the many changes that underwent to make this film. If you haven't seen Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, then you are going to be confused while watching this movie. Pick this movie up if your avid about this film then pick it up, however, this movie is more about Supergirl and her internal conflict. This is a 6.5 out of 10  


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