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Supernatural – Abandon All Hope

In their continual effort to find the Colt the boys track down the demon who possesses it. They get directed to a Missouri town that the Devil himself is abiding in bringing one terrifying thing to pass.

It will be difficult to write this without revealing a whole lot. There was death, destruction, reapers, angels, demons, hell hounds, and finally the appearance of another Horsemen.

Sam and Dean's search for the Colt comes to an end when they track down the crossroads demon who possesses it. With Castiel trailing him they manage to find his hiding place. Something unexpected happens though and they retrieve the Colt and are pointed toward the Devil.

Besides Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel, Jo and Ellen are along for the ride. This is one bumpy ride and it seems that not everyone will make it out alive. So the Winchesters are finally going to face down the Devil. A terrible, but eventual situation for the boys. Castiel sees literally hundreds of reapers and the gang is attacked by those hell hounds I spoke of before. Lots of tension and action in this episode.

If you are a fan of this show this is what we have waited for. I would recommend you check this out soon. A great dropping off spot before the rest of the season starting up in January. I might go through a little withdrawal myself. Supernatural continues to be one of CW's premiere shows and definitely one of the best on television. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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