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Supernatural – Changing Channels

The Winchester boys are dealing with the Trickster again when the Incredible Hulk (the Lou Ferrigno version) kills a man in his own home. The boys finally track him down, but it's a trap. They are stuck inside television land with hundreds of channels.

I have never liked the Trickster as a character! He's just not my personal favorite. He always has seemed way too powerful versus all of the other creatures, monsters, and demons they have run into. Now we know why!

I guess the way he kept flicking Castiel away was the giveaway for Sam and Dean. The hospital bit was sort of cute. The Japanese game show was very funny. The sitcom was just strange, but I liked the girl! The best was the crime procedural though. The sunglasses at night and the way they tricked the Trickster was ingenious. If he really was what he was suppose to be that would have done it.

Finally Sam as Kit was pretty humorous. Dean getting wind of what the Trickster really was and them planning his demise was brilliant. Great episode with a classic ending, the three of them walking out of the warehouse and jumping into the car to drive into the night. Pretty cool. Next week looks like a hoot. A Supernatural Convention! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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