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Supernatural – Dark Side of the Moon

Sam and Dean are killed by hunters who know about Sam and his situation with the Devil. They end up in Heaven and spend their time avoiding Zachariah and trying to find the garden where Joshua who speaks to God is located based on Castiel's information.

A number of interesting things we learn in this episode. Each person sort of creates their own version of heaven. The Angels seem to have as many or more problems than humans. Intelligence is an asset as we see with Ash from the roadhouse who is played by Chad Lindberg. We also see Samantha Smith as Sam and Deans's Mom Mary Winchester who is so nice in Dean's memories, but downright evil being manipulated by the Angel Zachariah. In one of the best cameos we've ever seen Tracy Dinwiddie who plays Pamela Barnes was back. She really gives it to Dean and not in a bad way. It was great to see her as she is one of the best characters the show has ever had.

It seems that Sam and Dean have died a number of times that they don't even remember and Ash has seen them in heaven before. This time they don't get out without remembering everything though.

After all the running around is done we finally get to meet Joshua who seems to be a simple Angel and in the end the news is not the best for the boys. So for the time being the Apocalypse is theirs and theirs alone to deal with and we are left to wonder if even Castiel has the spirit to fight anymore.

This was a better episode than I thought it would be based on the coming attractions. Unfortunately it was very dark and unconnected which was a little disappointing. I did enjoyed it though and the boys were great as always. It was nice to see Ash and Pamela as well. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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