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Supernatural – Free to Be You and Me

Sam and Dean have gone their separate ways. Dean is visited by Castiel who is still looking for God and has an idea how to find him. Sam has stopped hunting and has a visitor himself. It seems no one is going to let him stay on the sidelines.

Wow, what a really powerful episode. I am not going to put any spoilers into this review. I might normally write some, but in this case there are some story arcs you need to see yourself.

Let's start with Dean. Dean and Castiel together on the road. Looking to hunt something. Something similar to a demon but not quite the same. Dean becomes really outrageous with Castiel and you have to see it to believe it. I had to see this to believe it!?!

Meanwhile Sam is having visions of someone very close to him. She is warning him about staying on the sidelines. He is somewhere in Oklahoma. Working as a busboy in a bar. The Apocalypse all around him. He's doing his darnedest to stay out of trouble, but trouble finds him in more ways than one.

Let's just say that Dean and Sam may be looking at a finish that could be of truly epic proportions. You have to see this episode to believe it in so many ways.

Great production values, fine acting by the regulars and guest stars, and a storyline to die for. This series is really hitting the high marks so far and looks like it is going to go up each week. I'm looking forward to next week. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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