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Supernatural – Good God, Y’all

Bobby is not recovering as fast as the boys hoped so when Rufus calls about a town that is infested with demons in Colorado they go without him. They find Ellen and Jo as well as something more dangerous than demons. Castiel leaves and is searching for God here on Earth.

I have a feeling we are in for a roller-coaster ride this season. Based on this episode you have to believe this is just the beginning. Last season it was the 66 seals, this season it is the signs of the Apocalypse. So the brothers head for a small town in the mountains of Colorado. When they arrive they find the town overrun with demons. First they find Ellen Harvelle who had responded to Rufus Turner's call for help. Ellen says the demons have Jo and she and Sam go looking for them. But when they find Jo and Rufus, Jo says something about the demons giving her her mother back. Jo and Rufus capture Sam and are convinced he is possessed as well.

Both Dean and Sam, even though they are separated at the time, come to the same conclusion about what is happening. Based on the locals information the river became polluted and there was an unbelievable shooting star that was sighted on Wednesday. Sam, Dean, Ellen, Jo, and Rufus must deal with this situation straight on. We see Sam and Dean at the end split up as Sam now begins to believe like Dean that he can't even trust himself. So we are left to wonder how this will work out and how soon will they get back together.

Another great action packed episode of Supernatural. We have seen that we are going to have some characters returning this season. It will be fun as a viewer to see what is coming next. I am personally beginning to better understand the five year strategy. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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