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Supernatural – Hammer of the Gods

Season Five, Episode Nine

A spate of bad weather drives the Winchesters to what seems to be a four star hotel in the middle of nowhere.  Of course, we as the viewer knows that something is up.  A group of various religious and pagan gods are gathering to decide what to do about the Apocalypse. Of course the Winchesters may be the key to their plans.

Another group of “immortals” shows up for the Winchesters to deal with.  Allies come at the strangest time when Gabriel shows up, Sam and Dean think they are in real trouble now. Gabriel (the Trickster in former episodes) played by Richard Speight Jr. does a wonderful job of portraying an Angel who doesn’t care what really happens, but in the end we learn the truth.

This episode was very creative and a little stifled at the same time.  Creative in that some of the really obscure but interesting “gods” are major religious figures and some are more specific to a certain historical references.  For example Kalli played wonderfully by Rekha Sharma and Ganesh played by Keith Dallas are Hindu figures.   Balder played by Adam Croasdel and Odin played by Duncan Fraser are both from Nordic mythology.   Mercury played by John Emmet Tracy is a Roman/Celtic based god.  Finally the last of the specifically identified gods you had Zao Jun who was played by King Lau.  Zao Jun is a figure form Chinese Mythology.  Obvious we are covering some pretty basic information and a complete dissertation could be written on each of these figures.  It is an interesting use of these persona's within the Supernatural world. 

The stifling part was the limited idea that these gods feed on humans and that they would be so limited in tolerating each other.  Also putting all of these different entities together it is difficult to really decipher who would be more important and more powerful in the scheme of things between them all.   It is interesting that Kalli is definitely the one in charge though.

It seems that there are so many really intimidating figures from religion and mythology that one could have chosen in this case.  It would be interesting to see how the writer came up with these as the choices.  Let’s face it, the Greek Gods Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Athena, and even Hercules who was a half god would seem to have been more impressive, but maybe not as exotic.

The fact that they represent that so many of these entities were older than Lucifer or Gabriel was interesting as well. The fact that Lucifer himself was so far above these other gods was fascinating.  Doing research and writing a paper on the idolatry of the World of Supernatural sometimes would be a lot of fun!  Remember this is not Dean and Sam’s first encounter with entities of this kind, but they certainly never have encounter ones of the quality or level of the ones in this group.

That these gods are trying to stop the Apocalypse is interesting in that they would be obviously affected by the outcome.  The statement that these gods had given up their claim to Earth was made, as well as the idea there are other worlds within this same universe.

Overall this continues this seasons great episodes and even with some of the small short comings I would have to give this story strong marks.  Also the conclusion was obviously important to furthering the story so we’ll see where this takes the boys from here.  An easy recommendation for the latest Supernatural episode Hammer of the Gods.  This will be one that will be fun to watch over and over.  Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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