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Supernatural – I Believe Children Are Our Future

Dean and Sam are investigating strange happenings relating to childhood stories when they come upon something I'm sure they hadn't really considered. A half human/half demon capable of massive destruction for either good or evil.

Boy talk about another twist to the main story plot. ***** Major Spoiler *****

We now have a being who can show up just about anytime and wipe the field of whatever it wants depending on its mood. Of course it being part human and a child you knew the boys would not and could not harm it. Not that I think they could if they wanted too!

The setup just got stranger and stranger. All 32 teeth missing and 32 quarters under the pillow. A kids face stuck in a funny position because he held it there too long. A girl scratching her brains out (that was a little too grisly even for me). Cooking the ham with a hand buzzer! Pop Rocks and Coke causing massive ulcers that require hospitalization. You knew it was the mind of a child that was manipulating these things. I'm not sure anyone would have guessed about what they would find though.

Seriously, that mother had some guts. Taking an opportune moment to drive the demon in her out with the salt and then putting the child up for adoption. I'm surprised the boys didn't think of the fact that the demons were probably watching her?

This was an interesting piece added to the story this season and I'm sure it will complicate things later on. Unfortunately we have at least a week off before the next episode so see you then. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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