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Supernatural – My Bloody Valentine

Sam, Dean, and Castiel visit a town where lovers seem to be taking things to the next level. Meaning devouring each other to death. After a little investigation it seems we are dealing with another of the four horsemen and this one is Famine.

What a powerful episode. Gruesome at times we get to see the real power Sam possesses and we get to understand so much more about Dean. We also get a little look into the makeup of Castiel as well.

It seems Famine rides in on a black horse. This time its a well equipped black luxury SUV!?! He is on oxygen and is accompanied by a legion of demons given to him by Lucifer.

As I stated this episode gets a little gruesome and that is really the point of my score. I think it was a little too much. Especially the first scene. In a lot of ways the later scenes were even worse because they actually showed some of the mess Famine was creating.

This is a really nice setup for the rest of the season. The stage is set for what seems to be the final confrontation. Of course you may have heard that there will be a sixth season of Supernatural. I for one am happy with this happening. I look forward to the rest of this season the next. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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