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Supernatural – Point of No Return

Dean is considering giving up.  Sam, Bobby, and Castiel won't let him.  Zachariah has been kicked out of Heaven, but the big guy gives him another chance.  The boys brother Adam mysteriously shows up and it turns out the Angels are playing games.

A wonderful episode showing the dynamics of the the brothers relationship.  Also some great acting on the part of the four main male characters.  Jim Beaver and Misha Collins continue to perform at a peak level while Ackles and Padelecki seem to just be great actors.  Every performance is smooth and on the mark.  Jake Abel returns as Adam the boys half brother.  He has been painted a pretty picture by Zachariah and the Angels about what the Apocalypse is all about and his role in it.  So now Sam, Bobby, and Castiel don't have to worry just about Dean turning himself in, but they have to keep an eye on Adam.

The scene where Castiel arrives just in time to pull Adam from the ground was very well done.  It sort of reminds you of Dean's resurrection without all of the ground zero explosions.  How many Angels does Castiel dispatch before he's done in this episode?  The body count is getting up there!

With everyone worried about Dean, Adam walks out or is pulled out by Zachariah.  The only problem is once again everything is not as it seems and one has to wonder who the good guys really are.  A really terrific set of scenes in this episode as Castiel, Dean, and Sam must battle the forces of good once again.  To say any more would be to ruin the enjoyment of seeing this on your own.  Let's just say it's an episode not to be missed.

One thing that will be missed when this show is done and gone is the camaraderie of the Sam, Dean, Bobby, and now Castiel.  I can't think of a show where they really put together such a great group of central characters and had them grow and change before our eyes in such tremendous ways, but in the end they managed to keep there sense of belonging together through all of the problems.  Another truly wonderful episode.  Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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