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Supernatural Sam, Interrupted

Sam and Dean are back and they enter a hospital for the mentally impaired. Most of these people were functioning types with delusional cases or bi-polar disorders. Something is slowly killing the patients and the workers think they are all delusional.

I was a little disappointed about this episode in a few ways. First, it did not continue the apocalyptic subject matter left over from the cliffhanger when we last saw the boys. Second, we've been having a great deal of rain and the signal on my DISH Network went out with about fifteen minutes left in the episode so I got a little bit of a disjointed story as far as the whole of the episode was concerned. On the positive side it was a great personality play on the part of the boys. Also a vision of what could be in their future or any hunters for that matter if they survive the apocalypse. Haven't the boys faced a Wraith before or maybe they thought it was a Wraith and it turned out to be something else? I'm not sure. If anyone remembers please send me a PM so I can check the other episode out! This creature was nothing like the other one.

It was very clever how the creature brought out some delusions in each of Sam and Deans psyches. The doctor,
Michelle Harrison as Dr. Erica Cartwright, Dean was seeing was a trip! When she started in on the list of things he and Sam had done you had to know something was fishy. I do wonder why he saw the one doctor as the Wraith and then the real one (the nurse) later on. Sam really lost it for a minute. Of course we've seen this behavior before. If you had been through what he has you could be ready to lose it at any minute as well.

Even though they were in a mental institution there was some great humorous moments in this episode. Sam looking at the Doctor when he said, "There are no monsters." Dean's referral to One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. And of course no review would be complete without "Pudding"! Really Dean! "Crazy works in here."

I really enjoyed Jon Gries as Martin Creaser, the former hunter friend of the boys father and Lara Gilchrist as Nurse Foreman(The Wraith).

A fun and entertaining episode that really was basically filler for the big showdown with Lucifer, The Angels, and Death coming up in the season. Where was Castiel by the way? Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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