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Supernatural – Swan Song

Season Five Finale, Episode Twenty Two

Sometimes understated is the way to go.  I choose to wait a few days to write this review and re-watch the episode a few times.  It is funny how ones prospective changes.  I was a little disappointed at first with the direction this supposed original finale for the Supernatural series went.  On reflection, what else was supposed to happen?  In a way things have come full circle.  Sam is in hell or is he? Bobby is still hunting things that go bump in the night.  Castiel is back in Heaven and maybe everything is right with the world, at least at this moment. Dean... well Dean has returned to his once and only love Lisa to fulfill a promise he made to his brother despite his feelings otherwise.

The nature of this show and the way it sort of brought a number of things full circle makes you wonder where and how they will move forward next season.  How many more seasons will the boys have and where will their adventures take them?  I for one am pleased that we will see Dean and Sam again.  These great iconic characters are enjoyable to watch and their stories that have been told are for the most part wonderful enchanting tales.

I think using the prophet Chuck to narrate the piece was a great move.  It gave the episode almost a documentary feel and really played up the importance of bring the story full circle.  The part the car plays in the story has always been of great importance and being able to play off of that was brilliant.

I also enjoyed the irony of Sam letting the Devil loose and now he is the one to return him to hell.  This is very poetic and in a way it is the only way Dean would agree to it, well at least take part.  These two men have become truly heroic characters in a way few others truly are.  Think of what they have been up against and while there were stumbles along the way, in the end both of them came through.  Speaking of that, Bobby as well has been a tremendous character and played to the hilt.  One has a hard time thinking of Sam and Dean without Bobby to give them a steady guiding hand.  He’s always honest and forthright and tells it like it is and sort of grounds the boys when they lose sight of what they’re doing.

I missed Crowley, but I assume we’ll see him again in the future.  What a wonderful character he turned out to be as well as a focal character to the final ending.  Castiel and Bobby were there at the end as we all knew they would be supporting the cause no matter what the cost.  The new improved version of Castiel looks like he may be someone to reckon with in the future.  There is a new sheriff in heaven!

In the end Dean is with Lisa and their boy and one hopes that is a positive sign.  Where will all of this take him and when and where will Sam appear.  The possibilities are endless.  What of Adam and Michael?  Who is really vanquished and who isn’t?  I guess we’ll find out as another season is coming our way.  In a lot of ways I will be looking forward to finding out where the stories go as much as reflecting on where the boys have been.  Supernatural has been a wonderful distraction over the years and I personally hope it will be for at least a few more years.  One thing is for certain.  This fifth season was a winner and Swan Song put the icing on the cake.  All hail Kripke and his clan.  I can’t wait for the boys to return next season.  Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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