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Supernatural – Swap Meat

Sam finds himself on a roadside in a ditch in someone else's body. He comes to find out he is Gary a seventeen year old with asthma, allergies to certain foods, and a virgin who has been delving into black magic. This is all because of Dean in the end.

By the time this episode reaches the midpoint it is quite exciting and fast paced. My only problem with the story was that it was a little slow in the setup and a there was a little bit of that annoying "what's going on here?", but Jared Padelecki manages to bring some humor and quick talking to the scenes with Gary's parents which brought the episode back around.

By the time we figure out what is happening we see a pretty clever plot, but a bunch of pretty stupid kids messing with stuff they really shouldn't be. Gary's buddy there had a few screws loose and it's too bad he didn't listen to cooler heads. At least the girl was somewhat smart and as Sam said in the end to Gary, "she wasn't in it for the witchcraft!"

Not wanting to give too much away, I was glad to see Dean pick up on so many of the signs and for Sam to pick up on what had happened so quickly. After everything these guys have been through I would expect no less and we weren't disappointed.

Overall a good filler episode for the Apocalypse to come. Next week looks interesting. Shows have a tendency to butcher episodes that run on the premise "if this didn't happen and then this won't happen" type stories and next weeks episode could be just that type. Kripke and crew can pull it off if anyone can so I'll look forward to their attempt next week. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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