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Supernatural – The Devil You Know

Season Five, Episode Twenty

We’re coming down to the final stretch with Dean and Sam putting Gabriel’s plan to the test. They have War and Famine's rings, so the boys are looking for Pestilence and Death.  Once again for the second week in a row help comes in a very strange way.

Remember Crowley?  That really pain in the you know what Demon that the boys have had really nasty run-ins with from time to time.  Well, Mark Sheppard is back and he’s a little more reasonable this time.  It seems that he is on the Devil’s hit list with a bullet.  The only problem is he’s in store for a long eternity of suffering.  So he shows up just in time to help Sam and Dean find Pestilence. 

It was very interesting how they tied in the Swine Flu influenza with the character Pestilence.  Personally I survived a case of the Swine Flu in December and I would hate to think it was part of the onset of the Apocalypse!   

So Pestilence is out doing his thing and the boys are chasing him as fast as they can.  Unfortunately they seem to be one step behind no matter what they do.  When Crowley shows of course the boys are ready to dispatch him immediately.  It seems he has a plan to catch Pestilence and it involves using the Demon who is like the Executive Assistant for the Four Horsemen.  Boy that sounds like a great job by the way!

Dean convinces Sam that they should go for it and much to Sam’s chagrin Dean leaves with Crowley and they go after the demon coordinator.  There are some great scenes as the episode goes on and we learn some very interesting things about all of the characters.

We haven’t found Castiel or Adam, but the boys are still looking.  Oh, and the episode ends on a nice cliffhanger with Jim Beaver’s Bobby Singer and Crowley.  “Trust Me!”

I found this episode quite sharp and without a lot of problems.  It gets a little cavalier at one point, but for the most part I think that is for effect.  I’m enjoying the ironic situations in which the writers keep putting the boys.  Let’s face it they are having a hard time knowing who their friends are and who they aren’t.  Also, I’m still waiting for that kid to show up from earlier this season.  (Nope, I didn’t forget about him!)

Mark Sheppard is wonderful as Crowley.  He has done a stretch on the series Leverage and he plays another character you love to hate.  He really is a great actor and at times steals the scenes he is part of.  It’s great that he has become a player here at the end of this key season.  Knowing that this show will continue on for another season now, it will be great to see how they finish this season we are on.  Of course, we are down to the last two episodes starting next week.

This was a wonderful episode that I really enjoyed and another that will be fun to watch again and again.  This series truly has hit its stride and should be very happy with the quality of the production, acting, and writing.  All phases seem to be clicking.  I’m looking forward to next week as I’m sure you are as well.  Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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