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Supernatural – The End

Sam reaches out to Dean to get back together. Dean refuses. Zachariah grabs Dean and moves him five years into the future to show him the results of his decisions. So Dean gets a first hand view of the destruction of man and the end of the Earth.

Another terrific Supernatural episode. I don't generally enjoy the whole move around in time thing, but this was handled exceptionally well. With two Deans in the future Zachariah makes a real mistake. You really have to pay attention when the jerk that's talking is you!

***** Spoilers *****

Wow, Sam as Lucifer was very cool. Just the way he acted differently than Jared as Sam. Jared as Lucifer was cool, calm, and collected. Just watch the facial expressions then versus the tormented Sam at the end of the episode.

I don't think Dean was very happy with himself in the future. He doesn't believe he would ever get that way, but at least he understands the one thing that, as he put it to Sam, will keep them human. I guess that was what Sam was thinking as well. Castiel in the future was sort of interesting. He loses his Angel powers and sort of goes native. At least he stuck with Dean till the end. Talk about loyalty. I loved when Dean returned and he told Castiel never to change.

So now Dean and Sam are going to have to watch out for Demons, Lucifer, Angels, and Jehovah Witness'. Boy talk about walking a mine field.

Again a very powerful episode from Kripke and company. Things just keep getting worse and the episodes just keep on rolling along. I think this is going to be one Hell of a year literally. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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