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Supernatural – The Real Ghostbusters

Sam and Dean come to a location because Becky who knows Chuck called them about an emergency. When they show it's actually the first Supernatural Convention and there are a bunch of Sam and Deans walking around. Chuck announces there will be more books.

When I first heard about this episode and found out more specifics I was really looking forward to it. It did disappoint me slightly in that it was not exactly what I expected. Fortunately the story was weird enough and twisted enough to more than make up for the disappointment.

So having the first convention at a haunted house? Nice touch. Sam and Dean trying to stop people from being hacked to pieces all the while pretending not to be themselves. Priceless. The plot itself was very straight forward. It would seem that the women would be the danger over the four boys the way history had recorded it. Unfortunately Sam and Dean really couldn't be very thorough with Sam and Dean's running all over the place. They had to do something quick before things went South. The scene in the Graveyard was excellent. The later scene in the study was even better. Any specific discussion of the plot would ruin the story, but there is one pretty solid twist in the middle that becomes apparent fairly quick.

Let's just say that Chuck and especially Becky won't be call Sam and Dean to come to another of these conventions and that the participants probably got more than they bargained for. Very entertaining Supernatural and a great continuation of the fifth season. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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