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Supernatural – The Song Remains the Same

Anna's back and she has a solution to the whole Apocalypse problem. Kill Mary and John Winchester before they have the boys. Seems simple enough. Castiel and the boys aren't going to sit still for this though. We also get to meet someone special!

Episodes like this always worry me. This one did, but it far exceeded my expectations. Dean and Sam with Castiel's help go back to before they were born and help defend their parents against an Angel attack.

***** Spoilers *****

Anna escapes or does she? She shows up and as she can't find Dean and Sam because of Castiel's little symbol action she decides to return to Kansas past and do away with Mary and John before the boys arrive on the scene literally.

When Dean and Sam show up at the door the look on Mary's face was priceless. Of course at this point she recognized Dean from before when her father died. I was really surprised when at the house Dean blurted out that he and Sam were their sons. Let's face it. When you've been attacked by an Angel I guess you can pretty much believe anything.

Anna summoning Uriel was a stroke of genius on her part especially as he is sort of a hothead. Anna was his boss too. Also the added revelation that these were the humans that eventually off him as well.

The surprise finish was just that. It does seem like we've met all the players in the match by now. I also like the little touch of relieving Mary and John's memories so that they will not be aware of what is coming.

That whole bit about no real free will was interesting. That's pretty brutal. Pretty much saying no matter what Dean wants something will eventually happen whether he wants it to or not.

Well done on the acting, writing, and producing sides of things. I especially liked all the old cars and the city streets and stores. Good job. A surprising satisfying tale from Supernatural. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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