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Supernatural – Two Minutes to Midnight

Season Five, Episode 21

With the Apocalypse within days and major catastrophes about to occur we find Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel, and Crowley trying to dispatch the last two horsemen and bring the four rings together.   Bobby sold his soul to Crowley who of course is the top dog of the crossroads demons and so we get some unpleasant and pleasant results from that.  Sam and Dean go after Pestilence and isn’t that a nasty thought!  Finally there is a showdown between Dean and Death that is not to be missed.  Oh, and Chicago is about to get wiped out…

A truly wonderful episode revealing so many things that one has a difficult time in dealing the myriad of images and occurrences that were stuffed into one of the most action packed 42 minutes of TV ever.  This truly could be one of the best hour episodes of television ever produced.  One has to marvel at the many subtle nuances you pick up every time you watch it.  Also some of the revelations that Sam, Dean and the crew uncover are mind blowing and reveal a much deeper pattern of thought to the whole shows process and what they are building on long term.

The part with Sam, Dean, and Pestilence is worth watching by itself, but we have a lot of ground to cover here in this penultimate episode of Supernatural’s fifth season.  In a related conversation we find out where Castiel ended up in the last episode and what beleaguered shape he currently is in.  One of the things I find interesting is how much both the Demons and the Angels underestimate human qualities such as perseverance and loyalty.  In the end this seems to be their undoing.  I think Gabriel was of the few like Castiel that is right when he said and I paraphrase, “I’m not on either side.  I’m with the humans.”

When Pestilence announces that this is not the end, it is an ominous thought of what is to come.  Sam, Bobby and Castiel go to deal with the remnants of Pestilence’s plan and Dean and Crowley go to find Death.  Of course as viewers we have always known that Sam, Dean, and their comrades are heroic characters.  We really get a tremendous dose of this in this the pre-finale episode.  All of the characters including Crowley show their worth and in a way the writers, producers, and actors have created a true symbiotic situation.  One character feeds off another.  One plot line feeds into the next.  This show is both character and plot driven and you never know where things might go.

There are a number of other must not miss scenes in this episode.  Dean meeting Death was one of the best if not the best scene ever in the series.  The interchange and results were totally unexpected and quite a revelation.  Dean and Bobby’s discussion at the end is also very interesting and obviously this entire episode is foreshadowing the season finale.

If you missed this episode please run don’t walk to your computer and view this before Thursday of this next week.  I’m sure with the setup from this episode that the finale will not disappoint.  Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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