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Supernatural – You Can’t Handle the Truth

In this episode of Supernatural it’s shown that the truth can definitely hurt. The brothers are after the cause of a recent spring of suicides. They quickly realize that the townspeople who ask for the truth are receiving it unfiltered, which results in them murdering and/or killing themselves. This show definitely has a knack for having very violent and disgusting scenes, which on paper sounds like something you don’t want to watch, but they’re handled in such a tasteful manner the show always seems like a drama rather than a cheap monster or slasher horror movie. The scenes I’m referring from tonight’s episode involve a reason why I hate going to the dentist and another scene with a beautiful woman putting a tongue in her mouth, but it wasn’t even slightly a turn-on… which is hard to pull off.

The events that are happening as the case is being unraveled are interesting, but this entire scenario is obviously a plot device for Dean to find out the truth about Sam. Really, this felt like a “set-up episode”, which is usually needed in most serialized dramas. That’s not to say that everything that happened tonight was meaningless other than the minor Sam reveal. Dean is still trying to patch things up with Lisa. Usually women on television who are in a relationship with the protagonist are somewhat to extremely annoying, but with Lisa, she seems hesitant and worried enough to be real, but still understanding and patient enough to be likable. Since she knows about Dean being a hunter and that monsters exist, it seems as if Dean could just tell her the truth. However, with him going the “It’s too complicated route”, she now thinks the blowup at her house last episode was stress related. With the way things ended between them this episode they might be over… but I doubt that it will be indefinitely.

The episode’s climax was a showdown between the brothers and the goddess who was forcing the truth out of people then later eating the victim’s dead body. This showdown was very typical for the show… so typical it feels like we’ve seen it a million times. The brothers sneak in the house with a weapon that can kill the monster, it’s revealed that the monster already knew they were there, the monster knocks them out, and blah blah blah. The brothers getting beat up and knocked out so often has always been annoying to me. If these monsters really wanted them dead, then these two would have been killed a dozen times over by now. The conversation that happens while they’re held captive by the goddess was very interesting. Before they kill her, Dean finds out that Sam can lie under her spell because according to her he is not human. Much like last week’s scene of Dean being turned into a vampire, we have another scene this week that’s hard to watch. Sam saying he needs help and Dean answering the plea with a brutal beating was somewhat understandable. From Dean’s point of view, he thinks he is betting up a monster and he’s probably extremely frustrated too. It looked as if he was waiting for Sam to transform into something as he was beating him.

The promo for next week’s episode seemingly spoils what’s going on with Sam. I won’t say it here, but if that is the real reason then it’s very fitting. Once that is resolved, the show needs to take major steps for the brothers to be equals again. For the last several seasons, Sam has either been shady or needed Dean’s help. Not to mention, Bobby and Castiel have said they like Dean more. Once Sam is normal, it would be nice to see him save Dean. It seems as if Dean has been a functioning alcoholic for the last few seasons and it was very clear in this episode that drinking is a coping mechanism for him. Perhaps that coupled with something supernatural is what Sam can save him from. “You Can’t Handle The Truth” was a pretty nice episode, but since it feels like it was mainly setting up the next episode, we’ll have to wait and see if the buildup pays off.


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