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Supremacy MMA Features Serious Pulverizing

I hate myself for that title

505 Games has decided to enter itself into the MMA fold, similarly to how they entered the football fold (more like field, ehh?) this past summer with Backbreaker, though this time their game is called Supremacy MMA. Supremacy MMA was announced last E3, though I’ll admit I had no idea what it was until just now. 505 Games has declared Supremacy will launch this summer, and will feature Jens Pulver (5 bucks to anyone who knows who that is), who’s “up and down” backstory will be ever present in the game.

“"I’ve been up, down and every direction in between and I ain’t done yet, so stories like mine are perfect for a hard-hitting game like Supremacy MMA," said Pulver. “Having seen the game and how true to the soul of the sport it is, I’m glad that this is the game I get to be a part of.”


““Supremacy MMA is as much about telling the fighter’s story as it is about delivering blistering fast gameplay that’s as brutal as the real thing, so we knew we had to get Jens for our game,” said Ralph Pitt-Stanley, Commercial Director 505 Games. “His climb through the ranks of the underground into the pro spotlight and his willingness to continue to fight regardless of what title he bears exemplifies the fighter’s heart that Supremacy MMAportrays.”

An outspoken fighter and avid gamer, Pulver has seen more than his fair share of personal and professional ups and downs. He single-handedly put the lightweight division on the map for UFC, fighting above his weight category for years before the UFC all but created the lightweight class for him. He went on to dominate at his true fighting weight, winning three UFC championship titles.”

I always try to not judge a game by its descriptions and what I’ve seen of the game doesn’t make me too excited to get my hands on it. Who knows though, Jens Pulver may be the next John Madden. Right?


All quotes taken from press release 


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