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Supreme: Blue Rose #5 Review

"Old Town Blues"
Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay have gone completely off the reservation with the next installment of Supreme: Blue Rose. I have been a staunch defender of this comic in terms of how much it lovingly plays around with the mythology of what came before. Yet, it is in this issue where that emotion is completely strained – and in a good way. Supreme: Blue Rose #5 is something that blew me away.  

Supreme 5 Probe

  It has been fun to analyze this particular series and weed out references, some overt and some obscure, that Ellis has hidden in the narrative. Things like Twilight and the Televillain were just nice additions and really interestingly done reinventions. Reinvention is at the core of the Supreme mythos. Anyone not at least willing to give such harsh changes at least a chance is probably reading the wrong series, then. It’s not like Ellis  hasn’t been incredibly original in the series so far either, the other issues are riddled with stuff that he has brought to the table. This is just the first issue where the balance is tipped almost totally in favor of the Ellis-material, and it is a sight to behold. Not to get into too much spoilers, but it’s both a feast for the eyes and incredibly daunting homework for the mind. A dangerous combination.  

Supreme 5 Primrose

  There is still more development on the Supreme front though, so not to worry fans of the old. There is more development on the Probe/Lady Supreme front and an important character from the Moore run is hinted at appearing in the very next issue. A character I’m sure all were waiting to make her debut in this radically different series. My favorite bit was the description of Ethan’s “disappearance”, in fact. Something that took me by surprise, other than the obviously surprising stuff, was the increasing manner in which I have been enjoying the Professor Night segments. While originally a passing curiosity in an already curious book – they have become by this point a must see highlight of the entire experience. Ellis and Lotay go full hog on those pages and I hope they conclude that subplot.  

Supreme 5 Priest

  In fact, that would be my man hope for the entire series – which is that it does conclude. This issue, while a nicely done marvel, was still outing too much strain on the narrative. There are only two issues left and it really needs to get things into real gear or else it might not make that landing. There are a lot of lines and if this keeps up then they will all collide into one mess, and that would be a shame after all of the work that Ellis and Lotay have clearly put in.  
  • Great art by Lotay, as usual
  • Ellis lets loose, creativity wise
  • Entertaining local flavoring for Littlehaven
  • The plot has moved marginally, major point loss there


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