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Supreme Court Confirms What We already Knew

Today the Supreme Court ruled that video games should be protected by the First Amendment, just like film, TV, theater, and freestyle poetry jams.  The ruling came when the SCOTUS voted against a California law called Brown Versus Electronic Entertainment Merchants, which intended to forbid retailers from selling games deemed excessively violent to people under the age of 18.

The law was blocked by a wide margin, a seven-two vote with only two very conservative Justices voting in favor of it.  Younger readers may not remember Justice Thomas' scandal-ridden history, but the (Alleged) president of the Long Dong Silver fan club seems to think that he's qualified to tell other people how to raise their kids.

Regardless, this latest attempt to regulate the gaming industry has failed like many others before it, and the Jack Thompsons and Joe Liebermans of the world can slink back into their holes to whine about those new-fangled murder simulators, and killographic sexboxes, while the rest of us enjoy Minecraft.  If you're interested in the details regarding why the bill was shot down, or seeing the arguments in favor of it, you can read the entire 35-page ruling on the SCOTUS website.


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