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Sword of Sorcery #0 Review

This month not only released zero issues of DC comics we know and love, but also zero issues of new series released for DC in their third wave of new comics. Sword of Sorcery was part of these third wave releases. I got this issue on whim because I wanted to at least get one third wave comic book for my pull list.

The cover for this issue is pretty much like every other DC comic zero issue. It has the main character of the story with a white background. I thought it was a pretty good cover, and I have been really enjoying all of the issue zero’s covers. So, the cover was no exception.

In this issue, we learn that the main character can never fit into school. She doesn’t have any friends because she moves so much with her mother. On her 17th birthday she learns that she is not as ordinary as she thinks. She is actually a princess of a magical world.

The story for the main plot of this series is pretty generic. The story of a girl that finds out she is not as ordinary as she thinks has been told one thousand times. So, this series had to prove that it was different, but with this first issue it didn’t prove that.

I didn’t feel like I cared enough about the main character to actually continue reading this series, which is not a good reaction for the first issue of a new series. The goal of a first issue should be for us to want to pick up more. This is especially needed when you have a series with a new character like Amy, and not a classic character like Batman.

There should be a big cliffhanger or some character development within the first issue or else no one is going to remember this series, and want to pick it up. I think this story has potential, but they should of showed more of that potential within this issue.


Even though I thought the story was mediocre at best I still thought the art was pretty great for this issue. It was pretty impressive, and showed how the magical world and regular world are so different.

In my opinion I do not think this series is worth a 3.99 price tag. Not enough got accomplished to pay that much for this issue. This issue didn’t remotely tempt me to get the next issue. So, I say don’t pick this issue up!



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