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SWTOR Update 1.2 Finally Here!

Bioware has finally released of update 1.2 to Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is available today. This update has been highly anticipated for months, and fans from across the world have shared and spread their excitement on SWTOR’s official Facebook page.

SWTOR Customization
It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the Legacy system improvements contained in patch 1.2 for SWTOR, but The wait is up. TOR will finally get the tangled, dysfunctional family trees that a Star Wars game deserves when the update goes live tomorrow.

For those of you who haven’t heard any news on update 1.2, it is set to include the new ‘Legacy’ system. When you get your first character in SWTOR to complete Act 1 of their story they can unlock ‘Legacy’ which acts as a surname. Legacy will allow players to create a family and a family tree. This may sound strange, but doing this will allow players to create Sith pureblood races on the Republic side, for instance. This is because whichever race you choose to make your first character, your characters afterwards can be related, meaning a Smuggler may inherit the ability to ‘force choke’ an enemy from his Sith Warrior father/mother/whoever. Remember all that Legacy experience you’ve been saving? We’ll finally be able to use all that on new race options, convenience items, new powers and more.

The patch will also add a bunch of features players have been asking for for a while, including guild banks, a new PvP Warzone: Novara Coast, and UI customization. There will be major additions to the crafting system and we’ll be able to tear top level mods out of new endgame gear and slot them into any piece of customizable apparel we fancy.

There will also be a new Flashpoint as well, following on from the events of Kaon Under Siege. It’s set on a lost island on Ord Mantell, and will give players the opportunity to hunt down the scum responsible for unleashing the Rakghoul virus on the galaxy and punch them with a lightsaber. Predictably, the culprits are hiding behind “endless hordes of twisted creatures,” as evildoers are wont to do. That only means more XP and loot for us. Bring it on.


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