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Syfy Releases Trailer For ‘The Expanse’, Announces Adaptation Of Robert Charles Wilson’s ‘Spin’

the-expanse-header Syfy yesterday released a trailer for their upcoming space opera The Expanse, based on the first book in James S.A. Corey's series of the same name, Leviathan Wakes. The trailer gives fans a first glimpse of Thomas Jane as Detective Miller and Steven Strait as Holden. For those who do not know, the show tells the story of a detective who goes on the search for a missing girl, heir to a great, prominent family, while simultaneously a young, brash officer on an ice-mining vessel accidentally ignites a civil war that threatens to rip apart a century-long peace between the outer-realm "Belters" and the more prominent, well-off planets "down the gravity well" (aka Earth). The first book is energetic fun, but takes a turn for the bat-crap crazy halfway through, so here's to hoping Syfy tones down on the stuff that could easily turn what looks like a promising, Battlestar-esque show into another Sharknado movie. Check out the trailer here. The network also announced they have be adapting fan-favorite novel by Robert Charles Wilson, Spin, into a six-hour miniseries "event series", probably similar to what Ascension was last December. The novel tells the story of an intergalactic species that places a weird barrier around Earth, causing the planet within to age slower than the universe outside, threatening the planet with catastrophic events due to the faster dying of the sun. The decade-old novel was followed by two sequels, Axis and Vortex, but no word was given on whether those would get a miniseries treatment as well. Again, similarly to Ascension, it probably depends on how well the series performs. The Expanse is set to debut sometime in 2015, though no specific time frame was given. Spin, having just been announced, probably will not be seen much later this year, if not next.


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