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Syndicate – Dub Step Anyone?

For anyone that doesn't know, the original Syndicate was a tactical shooter originally released in the 1993 with a few expansions released as well as a second game later in the 90's. The third game, coming next year, tosses out the idea of a tactical shooter in favor of a first person shooter approach. The game is set in 2069 and the government is no longer run by politicians, but rather large groups known as Syndicates and everyone wants to be "Chip'd" by their respective Syndicate in order to gain access to everything and anything that anyone could imagine. EA has recently released a new trailer for the game and it seems to be shaping into a very interesting experience.

The game is supposedly a cross between the action of Crysis 2 and the sci-fi world of Mass Effect. Come February next year, we will see how successful that formula turns out when Syndicate is released.

For any who missed it, here is the original trailer  for the new title:



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