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T-Mobile now offers contract free plans, more changes to come

T-Mobile No Contract PlansYesterday T-Mobile rolled out its new "No Contract" plans offering flexible plans free of overage charges. The new T-Mobile services (as planned for some time now), has broken it down into 2 basic plans (50$ and 70$), with the ability to add on additional data for its mobile service for an additional 10$. While both offer unlimited talk, text, and 500mb of included mobile hotspot, it is the choice come into play on data. With the 50$ you get 500mb of 4g coverage but it will throttle (2g coverage) once you are over the amount. While 500mb is relatively small (only about a week’s worth for me), the lack of overages fees is something to enjoy and can attract many potential Smartphone users that lack funds or are unsure on the benefits.

For 10 more dollars a month, there is the option add on 2gb of data including the original 500mb, a total of 2.5gb. You can continue to add increments of 10$ up to 12gb and 110$ a month for service (mobile hotspot included). This brings in the 70$ plan, which offers truly unlimited 4g coverage (no throttle), but only 500mb of mobile hotspot. 

Additionally there are equipment fees that vary depending on the phone in use. In terms of phones, they offer the ability to bring over compatible phones, pay for the device in full, or join an installment plan.

However, this seems to be far from the only new changes to T-mobile. The company released invitations for a press event on March 26th in New York reading "We're still a wireless company. We're just not going to act like it anymore." Apple on T-mobile, buying Metro PCS and new restructuring will clearly be topics, considering AT&T just released new data structures as well. Oh, and expect some response to AT&T anti T-Mobile ad campaign. Check back to Entertaimentfuse Mobile for more information as it comes out.

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