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Take a Look Into the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ Trailer

As we glance into the mirror that is 2012, fantasy seems to be a prominent genre. We've covered this numerous times here at Player Affinity, but two of those films are takes on the "Snow White" fairytale. Last week, Universal gave us a first look at its trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman, an action-heavy epic, and now we have Relativity Media's offering, a quirky family film from Immortals director Tarsem Singh.

Mirror, Mirror stars Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen in denial of her age who attempts to get rid of Snow White (Lily Collins) when she finds out she's the fairest of them all. Snow White takes up with a group of thieving dwarves and becomes something of a bandit herself. Meanwhile, the queen tries to seduce Prince Charming (Armie Hammer), but he's unfortunately smitten with you-know-who. Nathan Lane also stars as the queen's servant.

Considering the bizarre visual flair Singh brings to his projects, I can't say I saw the comedy angle coming with this one. Early visuals had painted us more of an enchanting fairytale, but the number of cheap laughs this trailer reached for was kind of astonishing and terribly off-putting. I suppose one can only hope that Relativity wanted to cut the trailer as family-friendly as possible and that Mirror, Mirror is better than it looks.

Mirror, Mirror appears in theaters on March 16. 


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