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‘Taken 2’ Begins Shooting in October

The 2008 thriller Taken surprised everyone, grossing around $150 million in the States and returned Liam Neeson to household-name status. Given the film’s success, news of a follow-up didn’t surprise anyone. After some brouhaha along the way, things are finally starting to come together for Taken 2.

In a recent interview with ComingSoon.net, Taken scribe Luc Besson revealed that Olivier Megaton, who’ll direct the sequel, is prepping to begin shooting in October and has searched for shooting locations in Los Angeles.

However, it seems like only a small portion of the film will take place in L.A., as the sites states that Taken 2 “will shoot [in Los Angeles] for a little bit.” Considering the story and nature of the first film, our best guess is that things start there, only for someone to get kidnapped and Neeson to come to his/her rescue.


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