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‘Taken’ Sequel recruits Liam Neeson’s Deadly Skills

With a combined box-office over $600 Million and made on a compared budget of $70 Million the two Taken movies have been a lucrative series and made Liam Neeson into an unlikely action star. Now a second sequel is a step closer with Neeson reprising his role as ex-CIA agent Bryan Mills for a third time.

According to Deadline who broke the news Neeson is set for a pay rise and will be paid $20 Million for Taken 3. This is a turnaround from what Neeson said about a second sequel to Empire’s Podcast last year: "I don't think it's going to happen, I can't see a possible scenario, that audiences wouldn't go 'Oh, come on. She's taken again?'” It shows money talks.

Robert Mark Kamen and Luc Besson, the writers of the first two movies are set to return to the writing duties for the third movie but there is no word yet about who is set to direct. It is expected that the studio will attempt to bring back Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen into the fold. Production is set to begin in February and the producers promise that the second sequel will have a new twist to the series.  The series would certainly need a new approach considering Taken 2 was just a repeat of the first movie.


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