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Talking With the ‘King of Top Cow’ Ron Marz

We were lucky enough to get a chance to interview the king of Top Cow himself, Ron Marz, writer of: Artifacts, Witchblade,Velocity mini-series, Magdalena, Angelus and many other Top Cow titles.  He has also collaborated with Marvel and DC in the past and created the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (questions were asked by Nicole D'Andria and Dustin Cabeal). PA: Now that your Velocity mini-series has ended do you plan on giving the speedster another in the near future? RM: There’s nothing concrete as far as another mini-series, but I’d love to do more with the character. I’ll definitely be writing her again, but we’re not quite ready to announce the project yet. PA: With so many diverse characters running around in your Artifacts universe, which did you enjoy writing the most?  RM: Obviously, I enjoy the ones I write on a monthly basis, which are Witchblade and Magdalena. I’ve also had a really good time writing Velocity and Ballistic, especially when they’re in scenes together. And Tom Judge has been intriguing to write. I’m still finding my rhythm with his character, but I’ll definitely be doing more with him in the future. Top Cow writer Ron Marz Artifacts #1 with art by Michael Broussard PA: After writing Detective Gleason in a role away from Sara in the Witchblade series, do you plan on delving deeper into his character and creating more stories with him as the main focus? RM: Not in the near future. I wanted to give Gleason the spotlight, and flesh out his character a little more, but I also don’t want to lose sight of Sara being the main character and a primary reason that people pick up the book every month. The next batch of issues is pretty Sara-centric, but Gleason will certainly have his share of screen time. PA: What has it been like working with artists like Kenneth Rocafort, Michael Broussard and Stjepan Sejic? RM: They’re all terrific artists, and I consider each of them friends, as well as collaborators. Each brings a little something different to the table in terms of style, storytelling and just the over all way he approaches the page. I love working with all of them, and part of my job is to fine-tune the scripts to their individual talents. The artist-writer collaboration is really the most important aspect of a comic to me. So when it clicks, like I’ve been able to click with Kenneth, Michael and Stjepan, it’s like magic. PA: At the Long Beach Comic Expo Filip Sablik said that Stjepan Sejic was leaving Witchblade for another monthly series. Can you give us a hint as to who you will be working with on the series? Or instead of hinting you can just tell us. RM: Sorry, can’t reveal any company secrets. Filip would send the Top Cow ninjas after me, and I’d never be heard from again. PA: Speaking of Witchblade, how many issues have you written now and are you officially the longest writer on the book? RM: Let’s see, issue #144 just came out, #145 is at press and we’re almost done putting #146 together. That’s going on 70 issues in a row, plus assorted minis and specials. So, yeah, I guess that makes me the longest-tenured writer in the book’s 15 years. PA: Will we be seeing any other characters meeting their end in the Artifacts series?  Top Cow writer Ron Marz Witchblade #144 with art by Stjepan SejicRM: Yes, a few more characters will be taking a permanent dirt-nap. PA: With such great mini-series like Velocity and Angelus finished, which one did you enjoy working on the most? RM: That’s like someone asking you to choose which one of your children you like most. There’s no right answer. I like them both for different reasons. Velocity is a character I’ve really had a thing for since she was first introduced, while Dani as the Angelus is a character Stjepan and I created. It’s a pleasure anytime you’re building a character from the ground up like that. PA: Are you making any plans to collaborate with DC and Marvel again, possibly returning and write about Kyle Rayner again? RM: I am actually working with Darryl Banks again on the Green Lantern Retroactive special that will be out in August. Obviously, that’s going to be a Kyle story, and working with Darryl again after a decade is just great. Beyond that, my plate is pretty full, but we’ll see what happens. PA: What can you see for the future of Top Cow after the Artifacts series is finished? RM: I can see you having to buy Artifacts #13 in order to find out. I hate giving away spoilers, because to me it diminishes the reading experience. I want people to be surprised.  Thank you Mr. Marz!  Looks like there is a lot in store for the future of the Top Cow Universe and DC at the hands of Ron Marz.


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