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“Tangled” Hair Still Holds Magic at the Weekend Box Office

This weekend's box office revenue bleeds harder than Kanye West after he stole the microphone from Taylor Swift. Holdovers held the top spots while the sole newcomer barely landed inside the top ten. Tangled dominated theater business for the second week in a row, narrowly displacing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 which overtook it last week. It was a horserace most people couldn’t be bothered with. Tangled enticed $21.5 million in sales and “Harry Potter” shrunk to $16.7 million.

The Warrior’s Way predictably could not bring Westerns back in style. At number nine, the first attempt by director Sngmoo Lee crawled into contention with $3 million. That barely bested The Next Three Days $2.6 million score. Burlesque isn’t doing too shabby for a tiny musical. It is far outdoing Dwayne Johnson’s Faster from the previous week. But what is more interesting than the past is the movie future.

Two major releases roll out next week. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader sets its anchor in 3500 cinemas nationwide. The third entry in the religious allegory made famous by C.S. Lewis has a troubled film history. The first installment of the franchise, “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” opened in Christmas season 2005 to an opening weekend of $65 million. “Prince Caspian,” the first sequel managed $55 million in a May timeslot in 2008 but made less than half its predecessor’s domestic ticket sales. At that, Disney opted out and Fox stepped in to carry the series.

The Top Ten

1.  1. Tangled - $21.5M (weekend)…$96.4M (gross)
2.  2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1- $16.7M…$244.2M
3.  3. Burlesque - $6.1M…$26.9M
4.  4. Unstoppable - $6.1M…$68.8M
5.  5. Love and Other Drugs - $5.7M…$22.6M
6.  6. Megamind - $5.0M…$136.7M
7.  7. Due Date - $4.2M …$90.9M
8.  8. Faster - $3.8M…$18.1M
9.  9. The Warrior’s Way- $3.0M…$3.0M
10. 10. The Next Three Days - $2.6M …$18.3M

Thus far reviews for “Dawn Treader” are mixed. As of today, ten reviews on Rottentomatoes.com are fresh and seven reviews are rotten. “Prince Caspian” won out a fresh tomato with 67% positive reviews. The original landed 76% favorable criticisms. A downward trend in sequels is typical, but considering the fallout in monetary losses from “Prince Caspian” and this may be an embarrassing weekend for 20th Century Fox.

The Tourist will second chair to the family film in 2600 venues. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp star in this spy movie with touches of comedy, romance, and action. Depp is in his zone, complete with a funny voice and disheveled hair. Jolie is as she is most highly desired, outfitted like a bombshell and dripping with desirous glances at the camera. The story is a bit like Knight and Day, the failed action comedy from Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz earlier this year. Cruise has a few more personal problems than this pair and Jolie is coming off of a win in Salt. See her in all her accented glory Friday.


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