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Tau Make Their Last Stand In New Dawn of War Update

Relic have announced that the high tech futuristic soldiers of the Tau will be playable in a new DLC pack for Dawn of War 2: Retribution. While the Tau faction won't be playable in the single or multiplayer mode, the Tau Commander is a new playable hero for The Last Stand mode in which players take control of a single hero unit and must survive waves of increasingly brutal enemies.

The Tau Commander will have access to an arsenal of brand new wargear as players level him up, and players will be able to customize him to suit a number of roles. You can have a look at the Tau Commander in action in Relics Dev Diary below.
Whether or not this might lead to a third expansion pack featuring the Tau for Dawn of War 2 is unknown since Dawn of War 3 is already confirmed to be in development at Relic.

The update bringing the Tau Commander will also allow players to buy two new multiplayer skin packs - The Word Bearers for Chaos and the Death Korps of Krieg for the Imperial Guard.  
The DLC is expected to be available towards the end of October, and will work with both Dawn of War 2: Retribution and The Last Standalone.


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