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Team Fortress 2 Is Free-to-play

When Valve announced earlier this week that they had a free-to-play shooter in the works, the smart money was on Team Fortress 2 which had an existing micro-transaction service already in place.  Of course, Counterstrike Source might have been a good choice too, and Left 4 Dead Play 4 Free would have been much more fun market, but Valve's virtual haberdashery game with guns turned out to the one.

This announcement follows hot on the heels of this week's Uber Update which added in a ton of new content that is now available to everyone.  But don't worry about the poor fellows at Valve going broke over this venture.  You'll still be able to give the nice men your money if you'd like to buy some in-game items through micro-transactions.

If for some reason you don't already own Team Fortress 2, you can now install it for free on both PC and Mac as of RIGHT NOW


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